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Trainz Today: Sweeping Changes to Minos Bay’s Skyline

Last night massive construction cranes removed Minos Bay’s famous skyscrapers and replaced them in different locations, giving the city a more open and spread-out skyline. BNSF_EMD_20140804_0002City officials have said that they much prefer this look.

Construction also began yesterday on Minos Bay’s Metro system. BNSF_EMD_20140804_0003The new system will connect downtown Minos Bay with the surrounding suburbs, supplementing the two commuter rail lines already in place.

The intermodal port of Minos Bay has opened for business.BNSF_EMD_20140804_0004 Traffic on the Empire City Sub is expected to at least double due to the new port, say Southwest Lines officials.

Groundbreaking on Minos Bay Union Terminal began today, though officials have stated that the terminal building(s) might be replaced sometime in the near future.BNSF_EMD_20140804_0006 BNSF_EMD_20140804_0007 Plans are being drawn for another large station to the south.

Trainz Today; Construction Starting On Port Of Minos Bay

The Port of Minos Bay has lain empty and dormant since it first came into the mind of Minos Bay’s construction minister. However, shocking news was received by the citizens of Minos Bay this afternoon as work on the port finally began. First to be constructed was the petroleum products area, which is still unfinished. BNSF_EMD_20140803_0002Work on the drydocks and ship repair facilities then commenced, and all buildings are now in place. BNSF_EMD_20140803_0000

Minos Bay’s downtown area has also been moved south so as not to interfere with port construction. BNSF_EMD_20140803_0001The port interchange on the Gold Coast highway has also been completed.

In addition to this monumental news, SWL has completed their safety systems for the Ogygia Beach station crossing. BNSF_EMD_20140803_0005Automobiles will now stop for trains rocketing through, as the rail speed limit through the station is 70 miles per hour.

Also, on the high-speed line, new temporary catenary has replaced the experimental hovering catenary that was present previously. BNSF_EMD_20140803_0006The line has also been extended slightly.

These next pictures show the expansion of Northrop Yard, an interchange point between SWL’s Empire City and Southwestern Subdivisions and Minos Bay & Eastern’s 1st Subdivision.BNSF_EMD_20140803_0003 BNSF_EMD_20140803_0004

Finally, an overview of Minos Bay as it now stands, with the petroleum dock in the foreground.BNSF_EMD_20140803_0007

Trainz Today Extras; Hy-Line Rail’s Newest Units


Q-STJPFC1-12 heads off HLR trackage at Bryce and joins the Cascade Northeastern line to the north as a CNER manifest waits in the foreground.

Hy-Line Rail, Gardaka’s largest rail/rail holdings corporation, has recently purchased 400 new SD70ACe locomotives from Zamboin Rail Industries. Two units were spotted on train Q-STJPFC1-12 today, along with a Robinson Global Enterprises CW44ACX. Photographer Markus Hamilton brings us the following pictures.

BNSF_EMD_20140731_0001 BNSF_EMD_20140731_0002 BNSF_EMD_20140731_0003BNSF_EMD_20140731_0004BNSF_EMD_20140731_0005

The chunky units have several innovative features, not the least of which is technology which allows for each axle to have an individual AC inverter. Trainz Today predicts that these units will be used mainly on intermodal trains in Vidalia, and heavy-haul freight on the Roman continent.