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Burlington Northern on Iron Mountain Pass

Don’t look too closely at the route; it’s not the focus here. The main focuses of this post are the BN caboose and fuel tender (the tank car). Both the cars and the route are, of course, WIPs; in fact, let us assume that all my work is a Work In Progress unless I explicitly state otherwise, shall we? Any rate, I recently had a craving for a Burlington Northern caboose, something which I didn’t have. I decided to make one myself, and it turned out so well that I thought I might as well repaint a BN fuel tender as well–although that skin didn’t turn out as well. I took a number of screenshots–I mean, pictures of a very long manifest BN manifest as it climbed Iron Mountain Pass with the new assets just earlier this week. Enjoy!

BNSF_EMD_20150330_0001 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0000 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0003 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0004


BNSF_EMD_20150330_0008BNSF_EMD_20150330_0010BNSF_EMD_20150330_0013BNSF_EMD_20150330_0016 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0018 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0020BNSF_EMD_20150330_0026