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Iron Mountain Pass Tour

Ok; now I shall show you ’round Iron Mountain Pass. This tour will come in a few parts so that I can keep the number of pictures in a single post to a minimum (5). So, here it is: Iron Mountain Pass in Trainz: A New Era! (I love the new massive draw distance.)


Map of the entire route. North at top.


The Saint John Skyline in Trainz: A New Era

I recently purchased Trainz: A New Era (referred to as “T:ANE” or “TANE”). I knew that, when I bought it, the megaroute that I’ve shown off recently would be ported over to it. T:ANE is not “officially” released yet, but if you pre-order the game as I did you get access to the “beta” or “release candidate” version of the game, which is what I have. Having mostly successfully ported the route over, the following is a screenshot (gotten with some difficulty) of Saint John, the capital city of Dertinia and the main city of the route, in the game. I love the new water reflections to death, but more importantly, now you can see the whole skyline from one location.


I think it’ll do nicely as my new banner.