Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ponderous Progress

Since moving to college I have, understandably, had somewhat less time to devote to Gardaka and the various undertakings contained therein. However, I have been able to complete certain sections, like this one at Thompson Ridge. The station I had been using was all one piece, including a road bridge over the railway, and the bridge didn’t have enough clearance for double-stacked well cars. To fix this, I removed the station, and replaced it with one made from a variety of assets, located more toward the center of town. Below are some comparison shots:

Station and bridge before.

Bridge only after – scenery not yet complete.

Center of town before. Note the single-direction crossover on all three tracks: it was replaced with a universal crossover on the two tracks nearest the camera.

Station/center of town after. Universal crossover is visible near the compass marker. Scenery not yet complete.