Monthly Archives: January 2019

The GN Fleet at Anchor

After many days of daydreaming and imagineering an appropriate scheme, and a sizeable repainting effort, I have managed to create a 16-unit strong fleet* for what I intend to become my flagship railroad, the Great Northern. Below are some images of the GN’s fleet “at anchor.”

This is only about half of the total roster I intend the GN to have, and most of these engines still have little details I need to put right, but it’s the most locomotives I’ve painted into a single scheme–ever. So I’m proud of it.


*16 models, that is. Each locomotive model (with the exception of the MP15DC on the end) is scripted so that each instance of that model will display a different number within a specified range. The spreadsheet I’ve been using to create this fleet tells me that between the fifteen models so equipped I have just over 2,900 individual locomotives.