Why So Many Trains? A Short Primer on Gardakian History

Why are there so many trains on Gardaka? I mean, wouldn’t they be using a few highways here and there, at least?

Good question.

The proliferation of rail transport on Gardaka is due to several things:

First, there were and still are people like Santiago San Cristobal, the man who almost single-handedly created that marvel of engineering, the Trans-Kasversan Railway (story on that soon to come).

Second, Zamboin Industries (ZI).
Founded by Richard Zamboin in 126 B. L., ZI is the largest and oldest company on Gardaka and had existed as a major trading company long before the Industrial Revolution. Charles Zamboin foresaw the usefulness of the railway when it was invented in 606 A. L. and made sure that his company would be at the edge of this new wave. His vision and policies allowed ZI to almost monopolize the railway industry in its early days by lobbying for, funding, and constructing international and domestic railways and rail contracts. The company remains the dominant organization in the industry.

Thirdly, Gardakian geography lends itself very well to rail transport. Much of the terrain is relatively flat, and a great deal is either fertile farmland or prime urban or industrial land, and the mountain ranges, though often steep and rugged, almost always have easily exploited passes. Also, the great distances involved (Gardaka is approximately ten times the size of Earth) play directly to the strengths of rail transport.

Fourthly and finally, recent legislation by many countries has severely and drastically reduced harmful gas emissions by banning airplanes and, in some cases, automobiles.

Also, Gardaka does have highways. Olympia in particular has rather a lot, in fact. You haven’t seen many yet because I’ve been focusing on the railways, which are what I’m primarily interested in. 🙂

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