Colossal Route! Preview

Yes! I am, in fact, still alive and have been very busy working on a very large route project in between large deluges of homework. There is still weeks of work to be done–and that’s if I work on this project 24 hours every day for those weeks–so please excuse any obvious signals that this is very much a Work In Progress (hereafter known as a “WIP”). However, with that said, here’s a taste of the scale of this route, with more pictures to come soon.


The Yazhtan Peninsula in Trainz, map view.

This is Dertinia’s Yazhtan Peninsula (as of last month, it’s changed a fair bit since but I haven’t any current screenshots). The capital of Dertinia, St. John, is the large grey area bordering the blue area at the bottom of the map, toward the center. More to come soon™!

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