Happy Anniversary To Me!

Yes! It has officially been two years since I first purchased Trainz Railroad Simulator 2012, and embarked on this epic journey I have designed myself. To commemorate this special occasion, I thought I would compare my first ever route from when I first created it to its current state. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots from that now long-distant time, so suffice it to say it was pretty horrible. The trackwork was uneven, the texturing was atrociously uninteresting, and the scenery, while existent and not too bad, was bland and rather boring and most certainly not what I had intended, which was the warehouse district of a large city. The earliest screenshots of the route in its former state I have are actually from this very blog, I believe (see post #4). Below are screenshots of the route now. As those of you with good memories and eyes may have noticed, the route is now included in my largest route to date, the Yazhtan Peninsula. The work done on it to this point has, I think, truly captured the goal of the original route; it looks like a large warehouse district in a large city. Because the city is near the equator of Gardaka, I have also taken the liberty of planting tropical plants and shrubbery. Please do note that this is still very much a WIP, as most of my routes are. Still, though, I think it looks really good. But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself.BNSF_EMD_20150330_0029 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0045 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0044 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0043 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0042 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0041 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0040 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0039 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0038 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0037 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0036 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0035 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0034 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0033 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0032 BNSF_EMD_20150330_0031

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